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  Recycle Smart!
Jasmine Bay Trash Etiquette:
Good morning, Residents of Jasmine Bay,

Management would like to provide a detailed reminder on the usage of the trash chutes, recycling bins, large cardboard recycling dumpster, and the recycling area.

Trash & Trash Chutes-
Trash collection is currently taking place on Tuesdays.
If you see a red light on the trash chute door and the handle is not operable, it means our staff are currently swapping dumpsters or performing maintenance.
Do not attempt to force the trash chute door open as it will damage the locking mechanism.
The trash chute should be unlocked within 30 minutes, and we ask you do not leave trash in the trash chute closet while the chute is locked.

We ask that residents only use the trash chute between the hours of 7 AM & 9 PM as it can cause loud noises to echo through the property.

The following trash items should not be sent down the trash chute: flammable items, heavy items, sharp items, bulky items such as small appliances, lengthy items such as mops, cardboard or pizza boxes, liquids, glass bottles, Styrofoam, kitty litter, and other items that may shatter upon impact. 

All trash items to be sent down the chute should be placed in a 13-gallon trash bag and double bagged if leaking or otherwise necessary.

Large pieces of Styrofoam should be broken down to fit in a 13-gallon trash bag to deposit in the trash chute or placed in the recycling area outside of the recycling bins.

Vendors are not to use the trash chutes for any construction debris and should be directed to remove trash from the property using other means.

Disposal of any items that cannot be sent down the chute should be done by placing these items in the recycling bin/cardboard dumpster area on the floor outside the bins.

Disposal of these items in the recycling area should only be done by residents during normal business hours on Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM so our maintenance staff can dispose of these items in a timely manner.

Failure to follow the guidelines on when to place these items in the recycling area can cause an unsanitary condition when trash items are blown throughout the garage or animals tear into garbage bags in search of food scraps.

If you use a cleaning company, please inform them of these rules.

Recycling Bins-
Recycling bins are currently being collected on Mondays & Thursdays.

The following items should be placed in the small recycling bins: heavy plastics & plastic bottles, metal cans & containers, glass products & glass bottles, brown paper bags, and paper products such as phone books, magazines, notebooks, loose paper, newspapers, and books.
Please note that any recycled items that previously contained food or liquid should be thoroughly rinsed clean before placing in the recycling bins.

The following items should NOT be placed in the small recycling bins: Styrofoam, food debris, liquids, plastic bags of any type, small appliances, cardboard, any other normal trash items.
Trash items listed in the “trash chute” section above that cannot be sent down the trash chute should NOT be placed in the recycling bins or cardboard dumpster.

Cardboard Only Dumpster-

Cardboard Only Dumpsters are currently being collected on Mondays.

Residents are responsible for breaking down any cardboard boxes completely flat before placing in this dumpster.

Cardboard pizza boxes should only be placed in this dumpster if completely free of any food debris. Otherwise, pizza boxes should be treated as a trash item.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
Will Rego, CAM
Manager Jasmine Bay Towers


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