Open House Protocol

Jasmine Bay Showing Procedures
& Open House Protocol
1. Access to front door of Jasmine Bay Towers will require the use of a fob obtained from the owner of the        listed unit for sale. Management will not allow access to the building or the elevators to realtors in order to      show listing after hours and on weekends/holidays. After hours and on weekends a realtor other than the        listing agent wishes to show your listing, he or she can obtain the fob from you or your office.  For your          convenience you may choose to leave the elevator security switch in the “off” position for the purpose            elevator access.
2. Key boxes are allowed on the unit door only.
3. Regular showing hours are Monday–Friday 8AM-8PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM-6PM. Management office      hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
4. Open Houses will be permitted on Saturday and Sunday only.
5. A Realtor or assistant must be at the location of the Open House prior to allowing a prospect in the               building. Prospects will not be permitted without confirmation from the Realtor or assistant showing.
6. The only signage allowed for Open Houses is at West Bay Boulevard in the center island and must be              green, white or brown and white.  No balloons or signs may be placed anywhere at Jasmine Bay. 
7. During an open house you may place an index card sized sign with instruction on how to reach you for            approved showings. You may also place an 8.5x11 sign on the front desk.
8. Realtors can email Management for more info at or
9. Please alert the office of all upcoming showings, even if there is a lock box on the door.
Updated 2023
*Note when selling a unit at Jasmine Bay, please make sure you, the realtor, or the new unit owner/s email and contact the main office or click here for a "New Owner Packet" fill out and return to us at least 2 weeks prior to closing. Then, they can schedule a time convenient to them, for a 30 min orientation with the property manager before moving in, to go over Jasmine Bay rules and answer any questions they may have.

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